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Buena Onda

Branding Design

The Project: With only female clients, Buena Onda is a small vegetarian bistro, located in a neighborhood full of life on Porto Alegre - RS/BR; the greatest necessity is to show the brand and have their own identity, so as to be seen as a serious place and not just a casual setting. The bistro kitchen has always focused on being delicious, made with care and healthy, with options of reduced food without lactose and gluten free. From all these points, the brand created sought to convey the idea of something handmade, forward the idea of home-made and convey visually presents flavors in each dish - giving unity to the concept in a graphic that passed all. To this proposal, it was decided to create a form: three bay leaves; the seasoning of the leaves has a strong, tangy flavor, and moreover are symbol of happiness and success!

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