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Carboni Supermercados

Rebrand Design

The Project: Carboni Supermarkets is a Porto Alegre's supermarket chain managed in a familiar business, with 20 years of experience in the state capital (RS/BR). The redesign idea emerged as an adaptation of aesthetics of modern markets with an expansion of the opening of a second store. In addition, the consumers saw the establishment and its owners as an extension of their own families; so there, Carboni Supermarket had a very strong link with community.

The concept of the new brand came from number four on these points: family, community, union and business. There are four points needed to build a circle: common symbol of unity, community, family; and to build a perfect square - serious, strong, clear, robust, as the buildings of Naples, where Carboni surname originates. Four were also the main market sectors: beverages, breads, meats and grocery.

Seeking to bring these points to the new brand, Cohbo developed a graphic symbol that could include and represent the concept of a family supermarket with a relationship of your customers. The shopping cart has been redesigned, making time loop, and purchases that are within it refer to the four owners of the business, and the main sectors of the market described. The identity of support followed the use of the already traditional colors of the network, redefined in softer tones to better work together.

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