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Rebranding Design

The Project: Maciel&Santos is a company of civil and hospital construction business, based in Porto Alegre - RS/BR, with 20 years of experience. In order to restructure the entire identity, the Cohbo work has to abandon almost completely the elements of the old brand - focusing only on the relationship with the colors (yellow, gray and black) using a simple new look, clean and direct .

Starting from the need to create this new brand, bringing qualities and aspects of the company's values ​​- such as reliability and quality for the visually - it was decided to develop the new graphics referring to the wires, pipes, bricks, concrete and materials related to services provided by the company, in addition to bringing strength and confidence for the origin of these objects. Through the result of graphics and typography, it was sought to the idea of ​​moving in the execution of a work in all its aspects and stages, so that the end result has been the 'design' of a building in the word of union with graphics.

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